This month we are recognizing our own Rebecca Helman as the game changer. Rebecca is a Licensed Clinical Social worker in the state of Massachusetts and is currently the Lead Clinician at Herren Project. She played a huge part in the development and inception of the Herren Project family support program, having begun with Herren Project in 2015. She has one of the longest-running family support groups at Herren Project and was the first to start groups for family members grieving from a substance-related death. Since then, she has supported many families through the difficulties of loving someone with a substance use disorder and has been instrumental in the healing process of many families grieving from loss. Patti Bergbuchler, a regular member of one of Rebeccas Groups, said: 

 “Rebecca literally changed my life. Her unending wisdom and support empowered me and gave me the tools I needed to cope with my son’s illness in a healthy way. Her suggestions of setting boundaries and practicing self-care gave me confidence to love without shame. Today I am able to tell my story with the hope that I can help another person realize that they are not alone, and they too can find peace.”

In Rebecca’s words: 

“I don’t believe there is anything more healing in this world than human connection. It is a great honor to be able to sit with families as they work through incredibly difficult times. By connecting, we grow and heal.”  

Grief isn’t something we work through. It is something that we incorporate into who we were.  

We are so grateful to have Rebecca on our team.