Sibling Support Group

Sibling Support Group

Tuesdays: 7:30pm

Herren Project’s Sibling support groups are designed to address a sibling’s unique dynamic with an addicted family member. Addiction is a “family disease,” and being the brother or sister of someone suffering from substance use disorder is a challenging situation. An addicted person not only negatively impacts their own life but also those around them. Siblings may feel overlooked or neglected by parents, who are constantly attending to the addicted family member. Many also develop an overwhelming desire to save their sibling from the addiction.

Sibling support groups provide a safe place where individuals in similar situations can work through feelings in a peer-to-peer environment. Group members will have time to express concerns, ask questions, share progress and celebrate victories about the effect the abuse of substances has had on their family and their relationship with their sibling. Group facilitators will also educate members on topics like codependency, how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, and self-care. All groups meet on EST.

Lakesha BetheaKesha Bethea, MSW
Group Facilitator

Tues at 7:30pm

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“Recovery is so much more than one person’s journey. It includes everyone who loves them.” – Chris Herren