Dimitri Bakes

Dimitrios Bakes, RCP

Manager of Individual Recovery Services

Dimitri is a person in recovery and a Herren Project alumnus, who works as an Emergency Department Recovery Coach for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. He was also a recovery coach and research affiliate for Yale University’s School of Emergency Medicine’s SafetyNet program. He is a recent graduate from Gateway Community College’s DARC program and is working towards his CAC State Certification. Dimitri is also the co-founder of Hope for Recovery. A local non-profit he runs with his wife Robyn. Where through their Bubbie’s Place service, offer free, temporary foster care placement, specifically for the pets of those seeking treatment. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and dogs. His passion is working with people, especially those with substance use disorders and animals. Dimitri deeply believes in the power and benefits of peer support and connection, as well as the idea that “Transformed People, Transform People.” Contact: dimitri@herrenproject.org